7 Crucial iPhone Tools for Vloggers

Starting a vlog with just your iPhone is indeed possible! However, to truly thrive in the competitive world of vlogging, you’ll need more than just your base iPhone hardware. The bar for online content has been raised significantly since the early days of YouTube, with audiences now expecting high-quality videos with impeccable production values. To stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to add a creative twist to your content.


To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of seven essential iPhone accessories that can help elevate your vlog. But remember, it’s not just about having an iPhone 14 Pro Max case. You’ll need to consider improvements to your lighting, video editing skills, and audio quality to appeal to the social media crowd.


  1. Robust Phone Case: Your iPhone is the core of your vlogging setup, so its protection is paramount. A robust phone case provides comprehensive protection and allows for personal customization. For instance, you can personalize your case with photos by inserting them into a clear iPhone case, adding a unique touch that goes beyond standard market designs.


  1. LED Panel or Ring Light: Good lighting can significantly enhance your video quality. An LED panel can provide even lighting for a room, while a ring light can improve your appearance in close-up shots by evenly illuminating your face from different angles. These lighting options are especially useful for night-time or low-light filming.


  1. Tripod, Gimbal, or Both: Stabilizing your iPhone camera can greatly improve your video quality. A tripod is a reliable option for most scenarios, but a gimbal can provide superior stabilization, especially when filming while walking. Having both can significantly increase your filming versatility.


  1. Lens Attachment: While the iPhone’s camera is powerful, capturing the perfect wide-angle shot can be challenging with the default lens. A lens attachment can provide wide-angle functionality, and an anamorphic lens can offer even more customization options, allowing you to capture your entire filming environment.


  1. External Microphone: Audio quality is as important as video quality, if not more so. An external microphone can significantly improve your audio quality, and directional microphones can isolate the voice of the person in front of the camera. Opt for a small, discreet microphone for portability and convenience.


  1. Storage Solution: When filming outside your home studio, you’ll need a way to carry all your gear. A specialized videographer backpack with custom compartments for your equipment can make travel much more convenient and protect your sensitive gear from damage.


  1. Video Editing Software: Every shoot will have footage that needs to be edited out. Video editing software makes this task easy. Free apps can provide basic features, and premium licenses offer additional functionality. Editing out small errors can save time and improve the overall quality of your vlog.


By combining all these tools, you’ll greatly enhance your vlogging capabilities. And don’t worry, Android vloggers; these tools are just as useful for you – just make sure to get a phone case compatible with your device. Investing in these essential tools will give you a competitive edge in your vlogging journey, regardless of the phone you use.