Sushi @ Joto Japanese Restaurant

Sushi @ Joto by Dmitry Bubis


The past week I was on a business trip for work, I took my camera with but the few times that I went out to capture the “Sunrise” & “Sunset” it was completely overcast. Since I haven’t been getting lucky with the weather outside I had to resort to shooting indoors.

The photos I am sharing today are from “Joto Japanese Restaurant” in Clearwater, Florida.  This place was awesome back in the day! Don’t get me wrong, the food is still great and the servers are very friendly but the atmosphere just doesn’t feel the same. They have a “Happy Hour Special” with some good deals on appetizers, rolls & drinks. We ordered 2 soups, saki, fried dumplings & 4 rolls. The total was right around $30, a great deal for 2 people. If you are in the Clearwater area and are in the mood for a low key place that has great Japanese food I recommend you check it out.

Bella @ Joto by Dmitry Bubis