Sand Key Park Sunset – Clearwater Beach, Florida

Sand Key Park Sunset by Dmitry Bubis

With the sunset getting later each day I am finally able to start shooting sunsets again due to my work schedule. I left work and decided to head towards Clearwater Beach, I have yet to get a nice photo of Pier 60. I figured with the Gasparilla parade going on parking wouldn’t be an issue. I was wrong, the main parking lot was full…again…Its always full…

I had 20 minutes left to get to a spot,  setup & shoot. I ended up at Sand Key Park, since there was no other option. After paying $5 to park I started looking to find a good angle of the sunset. The sun was setting directly in the middle of the beach, which was bad for me because I had planned to shoot near the jetty. I walked back to the entrance and just watched the sunset, thinking “what a waste of time this was”. I was wrong again, only this time it was to my advantage. I was at the right place at the right time.

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