Ulele – Tampa Restaurant

Ulele (pronounced You-lay-lee) celebrates the vibrant fusion of ingredients from Florida waters and land once home to many Native Americans, including the young princess Ulele. Expect intricately flavored, visually appealing dishes prepared on the 10′ diameter barbacoa grill.”

Entrance - Ulele by Dmitry Bubis

The exterior & interior of the restaurant is really cool, a mix of modern & rustic design.

I was in downtown Tampa with my fiancé and we were both starving, we couldn’t decide on a place to eat. So it was up to me to pick a spot. I decided on Ulele, after constantly seeing my friends post photos and rave about the good food I knew it would be good.

Jalapeno Corn Beer Quick Bread - Ulele by Dmitry Bubis

Easily some of the best bread I have ever had!

So lets get straight to the food, for appetizers we ordered Okra Fries & Jalapeno Corn Beer Quick Bread. The Okra Fries were better then expected and the Jalapeno Bread was amazing, I regret not ordering more to take home!

Okra Fries - Ulele by Dmitry Bubis

This is definitely worth trying, even if you don’t like okra.

Shame on me for not getting photos of our beverages, the beer is brewed in house and was very good.


For our main course we decided on the Ulele Burger for my fiancé and the Waterworks Meatloaf for me.

Ulele Burger - Ulele by Dmitry Bubis

The burger was perfect, big and juicy!

Sitting on the second floor we could actually watch as our food was being prepared, definitely a unique experience.

Waterworks Meatloaf - Ulele by Dmitry Bubis

I was expecting the meatloaf to be better, it tasted a bit dry. The mashed potatoes were nicely seasoned and the crispy onions added nice layer of texture.

Whenever we go out a to a new restaurant we always order a specialty dessert, and we were definitely going to continue that trend by ordering the Candied Duck Bacon Maple Fried Ice Cream!

Candied Duck Bacon Maple Fried Ice Cream - Ulele by Dmitry Bubis

This dessert was amazing, it had crispy bits of bacon throughout the ice cream!

All the portions were a good size, we ended up taking some food home. (Obviously we devoured the ice cream :D) Our server was very friendly and was always there when we needed something. The total cost for 2 appetizers, 2 lunch meals, 1 dessert and 3 draft beers was just under $70 before tip. I highly recommend you give Ulele a visit next time you are in the Downtown Tampa/Ybor area!

I was forced to use flash for all the food photos.