Killing time in Downtown Tampa

I was in Downtown Tampa last week and I had some extra time to kill so I went exploring.

Messing Around by Dmitry Bubis

First shot was taking on the William F. Poe Parking garage. I thought it would be cool to show off the whats in front & behind me, I am really starting to like the SEL1018 lens!

Polk St by Dmitry Bubis

The second shot was taken from my car window while I was at a stop light. I really liked how the S. H. Kress and Co. Building Logo looked, everything else just compliments the scene.

Take Me to Church by Dmitry Bubis

The last 2 photos are of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, it is a beautiful display of architecture. I have been meaning to go out more often to capture shots like this, I will be sure to get more shots in the coming weeks!

Sacred Heart Catholic Church by Dmitry Bubis

I had a few more photos I wanted to share tonight, when I went looking for my SD card I realized I misplaced it. I am pretty certain I lost it, lesson learned! Always backup your photos after removing them from your camera!