Good Morning!

Safety Harbor, Florida Sunrise by Dmitry BubisLast week I launched my website, I have been very busy tweaking little things here and there to give the audience (YOU) that experience that I would expect from a website. I am really happy with how it has turned out but I am far from done. With that said, I decided to make another promise to myself. I work 8am-6pm during the week and with the current time change it is impossible for me to shoot the sunset so I will be waking up early to capture the sunrise on a daily basis. (I will try to shoot 3-5 times a week) I will be sharing the photos through my blog, so if you like my work please Like ✔ Comment ✔ Share ✔ Follow ✔

Todays photo was shot off of the Safety Harbor Pier in Safety Harbor, FL. It is composed of 5 bracketed exposures shot with my Sony A6000.